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  1. Having questions about EFB need to Know where to get some answers hopefully.
  2. Hello again, just loaded up two different aircraft and same problem exists, all aircraft cold and dark and still when that button used it magically brings up the x plane menu at the top of the screen. Thinking that maybe actual switch problem in the yoke itself. Added another log file. Log.txt
  3. Hello to All, Have been using my Saitek Yoke for all flights no problems, but now when using button 4/5 which is assigned to pitch trim up and pitch trim down which for those who don't use these yokes are at the right thumb and are spring loaded back to center. Problem now when I use button 5 for pitch trim it brings up the top menu bar for x plane and no trim wheel action. Have tried reassigning binding but problem still exists, also tried binding that button to do nothing and still it brings up menu bar. This is happening whilst setting up for Zibo 737. I am going to see if its affectin
  4. Hello All, have a bit of a problem if I open FF777-200LR in my triple screen setup the Flight Factor(FF) load aircraft menu is no where to be found? On the other hand if I open the FF777 on only one screen the load aircraft menu is where it should be and hence I can load up the aircraft then change to triple screen although the menu ends up on one of my monitors in the middle of the screen not a big deal because once minimized its just a little tab that says menu. Kinda annoying. Included latest log file any help appreciated. I hope I posted in the right spot as I am a little new to XP11. Also
  5. Looking closer at other cockpits that's the way the switches position is my mistake!
  6. Tried uninstalling and then reinstalling aircraft still did not put fire switches back to normal? Attached log maybe it will help. Log.txt
  7. Hello, the engine and cargo fire switches are in the unlocked position.I have tried with mouse control to put them back in the normal/locked position nothing seems to work. Also tried cold and dark and plane running. Discharged them to run a fire simulation now it seems I can't reset them.
  8. Nevermind reread the ops manual and saw that I had tried loading in the wrong order and doors were closed. All loaded up. Cheers!
  9. Good Day All, having trouble with loading FF777. Open a new flight no problem. Open FF777 menu and fill in passengers/fuel/payload etc. go to load button bottom left of menu and plane does not load. Yes I have checked the boxes for stairs/fuel truck etc. several different configs and still plane does not load. Also tried Xplanes weight and config and apply changes still plane does not load. Attached log.txt hope its not too long. Any help greatly appreciated! Log.txt
  10. Hello, Yes you are correct the first time I ran the three .exe's for the three Skymaxx/Maxxfx/RWC but I had also taken files and put them in the wrong folder. So I deleted them and ran the install for each choosing only the XPlane11 folder and that did solve the problem. I thank you for your response now I can get started on working with the weather!! Cheers! Rick G.
  11. Good Day All! Installed SkyMaxx v4.8.2 along with Maxx FX 1.0 and RWC 1.1 put all three in plugins folder in main xplane files. Problem is and maybe I made a mistake in install location but when I open up XP11 and get started on a new flight I go to my plugins and SkyMaxx etc. is not there. Including latest log hopefully that might help in a answer. Please bear with me as I am a little new to X-Plane. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Log.txt
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