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  1. Hi Goran, wow what a simple solution. It worked a treat. Big thankyou to you and Cameron.
  2. Hi Goran Thankyou for replying so quickly. I'm not very pc savvy so I hope I have done this right.
  3. Hi everyone, 1.1.9 installed and activated. Downloaded 1.1.11 from my account and the update installer will not recognise my email address, I am now stuck on the purchase validation page. Tried the original 1.1.9 installer and that's now the same, so if anything happens to my current install it looks like I won't be able to reinstall the TBM. I have raised a support ticket and quoted my order number but still waiting for a reply. Tried installing as Admin, virus and firewall of, booted into safe mode, nothing works. Is there something I've missed ?
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