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  1. Hello, I am unable to easily use Pilot2ATC with the TBM900. The radios in Pilot2ATC keep flipping back and forth. The only way I can get it to partially work is to set all four frequencies the same to contact Clearance, Ground etc. This isn't practical if you are trying to emulate flying the aircraft in the real world. Anyone know if there is some work around? This is the ONLY payware aircraft that won't cooperate with Pilot2 ATC. Yes I know I can do ATC online but at this point in time I would rather use a program that works with all my other aircraft. Thanks in advanc
  2. Just tried an older version of SkyMax and it crashed under two minutes.
  3. If it is the Silver Lining plugin then my SkyMaxx is useless when using the IXEG aircraft, correct?? This is what I found on the Sundog Website. " Support for our X-Plane add-ons is provided through X-Aviation. Inquiries regarding SkyMaxx Pro, Real Weather Connector, Maxx-FX, SoundMaxx, and TerraMaxx should be sent to X-Aviation." Please advise.
  4. Hi Cameron, I removed the plugins except for except for Gizmo and Fly and Lua. I ran and maneuvered for approx 6:28 min. I shut down and added XJet and flew for about the same amount of time without a problem. Log.txt I then added Silver Lining and crashed at around 3:25. I did it once more and crashed at around the same time. I removed Silver lining and tried again and manually ended the flight at aprrox. 9 minutes. Refer to Log1.txt. I then put Silver Lining back into plugins and flew for approx 4 min. and the CTD refer to Log2.txt. Log1.txt Log2.txt
  5. You can see the plugins that were disabled. When I tried the re-enable one at a time as suggested I had a CTD again. Log.txt
  6. How can Silver Lining be an "iffy" plugin when it's part of Skymaxx which I purchased from X-Aviation ? The same with Active Sky XP. How can it be "iffy" ?
  7. Hello, Yesterday I downloaded and installed the latest version and have CTD after about 10 min of flight. I lowered my graphics settings and the same thing happened. I removed XPUIPC and the same thing happened. I uninstalled and then re-installed using the stable Gizmo and the same thing happened. HELP ! Log.txt
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