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  1. Just started having the same problem. Done nothing new, not added any new plugins it just started crashing to desktop with the same memory error message in the log. Only seems to happen with the IXEG. tried the Tolliss last night and had no problems. Hope someone can come up with some help.
  2. Hi Jan Thank you very much for your help. The licence had not updated rendering it unusable. All good now so can enjoy the IXEG Kind regars Mike
  3. As far as I know I cannot do anything with the aircraft, as there is no ground power, and the engines do not appear to be working. Mike
  4. Forgot to ask what's DRM registration?
  5. Hi Jan Very strange, I have the Aerofoils King air 350 with more or less the same pop out menus from the left and those work fine with my double monitor set up. Everything is standard with the pointer. I get the pop outs from the right and top but not the left for the 737. I cannot think of anything else at the moment, but I cannot use the IXEG without those menus, I have also tried re reinstalling the software Mike
  6. Hi Jan, Disconnected second screen, re booted computer had full screen mode on. unfortunately it will still not produce a pop out menu on the left, sorry. Is there any other way of accessing this menu? I have purchased many items from X aviation and have never had an issue. I'm lost to know what to do. Kind regards
  7. Hi Litjan Many thanks for the quick reply. Yes i'm running two monitors. I have disconnected one of the monitors to see if this made a difference, unfortunately it did not solve the problem. Regards
  8. Hi Cannot access the menus pages which should be available from the left hand side of the screen, it doesn't appear so cannot access the area where I can adjust the state of the aeroplane eg cold and dark state. Any help please. I'm running xplane 11 on windows 10 Regards
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