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  1. Thanks I fixed it. The problem was that because I reinstalled the SR22, the license screen was coming up but was off the screen so I could not see it. Once I realized what was going on I was able to input my license info and then I was all good. Thanks
  2. Something got corrupted in my SR22 (both versions). Plane is cold and dark and no power. Tried charging battery, but I also notice in the General tab that no starter is selected so something is wrong. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no change. Can you help. Thanks David
  3. Is anybody using a Brunner Yoke with the SR22 and if so would they mind sharing their CLS2Sim profile. Thanks David
  4. I have a networked display setup with one PC acting as X-Plane Master and three further slave display PC/Screens. I have ASXP on the master along with SkyMaxx Pro and Real Weather connector. How do I setup the slave displays so they work with SMP. I have put SMP on one of the slaves as a test, do I also need RWC on each slave? At the moment I am only seeing the weather and correct cloud depictions on the Master. Thanks David
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