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  1. Oh shoot yes the folder is missing. I think it was missing during last XP11 reinstallation. I will reinstall all products now. Thanks!
  2. Hello, since a week I've been experiencing an issue when logging in on X-Aviation Licensing and it shows this error. I've contacted X-Aviation via support ticket but no answer since 3 days ago. Do you guys have any idea or experience regarding this error? Regards and stay safe!
  3. I just found this amazing thread with amazin liveries! May I request AWAIR 737 livery? I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!
  4. Hey, so it isn't just me who's experiencing this. Done 3 flight today on the TBM, 2 of them were ILS approach and as you said, the LOC was not there. I saw only the GS diamond. Approach mode was armed and because there was no localizer, the GS won't be captured as well. I am using b15.
  5. yes it was the CB. Thanks for helping me
  6. Hello. I am so confused why I am getting no heat warning on left pitot, though the switch is on up position. Can someone help me? Thanks
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