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  1. Hi all, I used to get my charts from navigraph but when it came up to renew I stopped the charts and just kept the airac going. It took me along time to find a good website for all my charts. It used it involve a lot of searching and web and a lot of pages open then I found this very good site for all of my charts all in one place and I thought you all may not have found a good site yet if that's you then give this site ago. https://chartfox.org/ its got sids stars and all in between, if you have another that you use please let me know. Happy flying. Richard
  2. It may not be the same prob but I just got the 733 and I am loving it. The prob for me was that the throttle world not work, all other inputs on my joystick worked but not the throttle, not even with the mouse would move the throttle. For me it was xpuipc I had the latest version for some time and I had never had any probs with it. I found a site where you can download older versions. fsacars.com/downloads/xpuipc/ I downloaded v2.0 and and it worked for me. bit of an odd one but all ok now, happy flying. Richard
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