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  1. JGregory I did file a ticket on the 1st of August with X-Aviation as a matter of fact that is where I started with this process. I've included their response below. Cameron S. Thu, 08/01/19 3:17 pm Hello Charles, Thanks for writing in! All
  2. I'm fully aware you were ignoring me and that's kinda my point. Do point out the press release or post or whatever it is you did to tell 'everyone' that an update is in the works. I'm more than willing to apologize when proven wrong. But I must admit I stopped looking on this site after the 4th or 5th of August. I'm more than willing to give you those exact steps since you finally today asked for them. Key phrase being finally. Stay tuned I'm sure it will take less than 28 days for me to send that but then maybe after all the constant repeated without working attempts my next
  3. JGregory I think my earlier comments were crystal clear and all I got in response was silence. I don't randomly push buttons and I had lots of good hours flying this plane using the autopilot without problem until xp was updated. My assumption at this point is that the creator of this aircraft no longer supports the aircraft. Or something less polite. If you wish to engage In a healthy discussion about testing the problem or duplicating the problem in other circumstances I'm more than willing to help.
  4. Well you know I find every plane behaves a little differently as the versions of x-plane progresses. But you know I did the uninstall/reinstall when it first happened and no go so I"m surprised this isn't happening to others.
  5. I checked and I reinstalled this plane in the May 19th. Which I'm sure is around 11.33 going public
  6. Good question so I did a test this morning. Fired up the old bird and set up everything as usual the trim sat in the green stable and not doing anything unexpected while on the ground. Upon takeoff when I activated the ap all hell breaks loose. The trim went full down right to the bottom of the display then flipped full up then bounced between full up/down several times a second all while the plane was climbing eventually settling into a full nose up stall and crash. Tried the same test nothing set before takeoff same results as soon as the ap activates trim bounces like a mad man. T
  7. So I've flown this plane a lot up until 11.33 came out at that point the autopilot started having a stability problem so I went off and flew other planes. 11.34 came out problem continued and now 11.35 is out and the problem continues. Figured I should step up and find out what is going on. My normal procedure before takeoff regarding autopilot is to prep the flight plan in the GN, setup the heading to the runway, set the desired altitude and preset the climb option. Once a few hundred feet up I raise the gear and hold the YD/Auto pilot switches. Let go make sure they catch. Once stable a
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