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  1. Solved it, the cb M2 " L IAPS AFCS2 FMS1" was popped. I missed that one whnen I checked the cb panels. :)
  2. Hi, after having created a new airframe due to 1.6.1 update, after just one flight I have an issue with fms1. For example, I press IDX, then LSK next to STATUS. The screen shows nothing except for the brackets in the bottom line. After 2-3 seconds, the message FMS NOT RESPONDING appears briefly. That happens with other functions aswell, except for DATALINK and FANS page, where the content is displayed right away. FMS2 and 3 work just fine. What could it be? I already tried restarting the FMS1 pulling the breaker and shutting down xplane, then reloading a flight. It stays the same. No active failures in the failure editor either. Thank you!
  3. Good evening, I usually fly short legs, about on hour an a half each. On the last few flights almost always experienced ctd after 30 minutes or so. Today it happened again, so I'd like to provide you with my log file. At the moment of ctd, i did not press anything in the cockpit, just cruising along. Reloading an auto-saved state works perfectly by the way. Anyways, thank you very much for looking into it. EDIT: Unfortunately, I forgot to disable XEnviro and Better Pushback. No other plugins installed.. Log.txt CL650_Log.txt
  4. +1 If it is really persistent in real life, it should be a minor change in the code and I'd love to see this changed in a future update! It would greatly add to the immersion of flying a persistant aircraft, at least for me :)
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