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  1. captain mayday


    Hello, captains. I don't know why and how, but I could finally install the TBM 900 today. I'm quite sure X-Plane was not active during my attempts to install the TBM. anyway thanks for the support to all Greeting Hermann
  2. captain mayday


    Hello. I just get the "exception handler crash"! I deleted the TBM 900 and wanted to reinstall the aircraft. But I can't do the installation because of a problem with Gizmo64. Can somebody help me, because I would like to have the TBM 900 back in my hangar. Greetings Hermann
  3. Thanks for the support. I already know, that X-Plane must not be active during Installation! The Problem is Gizmo64 and I can't deal with it! Greetings Hermann
  4. Hello Captains, I'm hoping for help with my Problem. So far t5he TBM worked without any Problems, but yesterday there were suddenly only crashes after every start on X-Plane! In the TBM 900_Log I founf the following entry: Thereupon I wanted to reinstall the TBM 900 v1.1.9, but go to the following error message, whitch prevented a new Installation: v v Gizmo64 is unpacked in the Plugins Folder and is not read only. X-Plane works normal/correct with all my other planes. It would be great if someone had asolution Ready
  5. Hello, Gregg. Many thanks for the quick help. I couldn't see the button in the cockpit because of my view settings. Now everything is okay. Greetings Hermann
  6. Hallo Captains. I have the Problem that the MFD Shows the same Image as both PFDs. Is there a solution? Thanks for helping me and best regards Hermann
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