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  1. Thank you for your fast reply. I tested your solution as soon as I could and eventually found the problem was with Xenviro, which I updated at the same time. There are brightness and contrast sliders within the plug-in that I either hadn't needed to bother with before, or something similar. I adjusted these and the problem was fixed! I use a CH Pro throttle and mapped AP nose down and nose up to one of the 4 way hats. Love the airplane and I apologise for thinking your update was the problem. I'd tried the stock Cessna and the panel looked ok so I didn't realize a plug
  2. Hello, EDIT: Solution found; a different plug-in was at fault. The latest version is extremely dark inside. The throttle pedestal is a virtual black space. It's almost impossible to see the flap lever for example. The anti ice buttons almost disappear. Is there any way to lighten it up? This is pretty disappointing. Also, for my control mapping, nose down and nose up have the opposite effect. When I map a button to "nose down" it increases rate of climb in VS mode and likewise decreases airspeed in FLC mode. Easy for me to simply swap the button mapping aroun
  3. The TO/GA button also works with the AP. Ive set two buttons on my joystick so I'll hit the TO/GO button then shortly after takeoff I'll engage the AP. The plane's pitch and roll modes come on and the plane continues to climb staight ahead, 10 degrees pitch up. Then I know everything is good to go while I set the AP over to whatever modes, headings and other settings I need.
  4. Dartofdoom

    How to brake.

    I went into the xplane key bindings and set the B key to toggle brakes regular. You could also set a key or joystick button to toggle maximum or press to hold for braking action. If you have a driving sim setup you can also use the driving pedals as right and left toebrakes.
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