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  1. Awesome. I mapped the nosewheel steering toggle to a keyboard key, cycled it, and all appears well now. Not sure why the sim didn't have it "on" by default, but problem appears solved! Thanks!
  2. To start off, thanks for the v1.3 update! Fantastic progress on a great product. I watched Litjan's video on YouTube regarding nosewheel steering, and I am also type rated in the B737 in real life. I'm familiar with how the nosewheel steering should operate. On my system, the nosewheel acts like it's free castoring. The rudder pedals have zero effect on the nosewheel, but differential brake will pivot the nosewheel...in some cases, all the way around until the taxi light is pointed aft! When stationary on the ground, the tiller/nosewheel combo tend to jitter as the jet is sitting still. I suspect there is something wrong with either the software, or my particular system setup. I did try mapping the tiller to my joystick (HOTAS Warthog) and had some luck using the tiller, but then tried again today with no luck. Something is amiss with nosewheel steering / tiller at least on my system. I've done a complete reinstall twice to try and rule that out. Suggestions?
  3. Hi Gents, New IXEG customer here; loving the 733...used to really enjoy flying on them as a kid back when it was the mainstay I’d the SWA fleet. Is there an estimated timeline for a fix to the fuel flow gauges? Flying in the US, I use lbs per hour to measure fuel flow, but it seems I can only display FF in Kgs/Hr. Pretty distracting. Ive been working around the VNAV issues, no worries, but was hoping there would be a relatively easy fix for the units error on the FF gauge. Thanks!
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