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    recuring CTD

    Ok. I have performed the same flight with fseconomy plugin without crash. I will reinstate the various plugin one by one and when I ll have found the culprit I’ll let you know.
  2. Bushido

    recuring CTD

    I have done two flight. One with all pluggins disabled except for the one of FSEconomy (I had a flight that I was expecting to complete...), I did encountered a CTD The same flight with all plugins disabled and I did not encountered a crash What am I supposed to do ? I understand there are others user that play FSeconomy with no issue. Also not being able to use this pluggin with the TBM is a serious issue on my end given I mainly fly FSEconomy when flying GA aircraft. I attach the log. Log.txt EDIT: just ask on the FSE forum and one user (so far) states he had no issue with the TBM 900 using FSEconomy plug in on long flight (3 hours). That somehow a good news as I would hate not being able to use the TBM with FSEconomy.
  3. Bushido

    recuring CTD

    I confirm I have version 1.1.9, it is confirmed by the version number on the Stand by instrument. I do think I have windows manage my file automaticaly (can't remenber having changed that setting), please check the picture attached for the windows tab.
  4. Bushido

    recuring CTD

    Sorry, here attached. Log.txt
  5. Bushido

    recuring CTD

    Hello, I have recurring CTD with the TBM 900 most of the time occuring after one hour or so of flight. On shorter flight I don't have issue. Attached is the Log text. Thanks for the support TBM900_Log.txt
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