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  1. I too have encountered that problem in the past while modifying the FMS route in flight, and did exclude my XPX folders, so I never through that was the issue this time around, with Windows Defender. I'm summarizing the change was by a window 10 update....
  2. SOLUTION UPDATE: After endless trials of, uninstalls, installs I was able to figure out the above issue I was encountering; It was "Windows 10 Security" I added X-Plane-11 folder as an exclusion to Windows Security, and walla!! I can once again switch between internal and external views in a save flight ... Hope this experience and solution can help others, and add this one to your respective "hat's of knowledge". Thanks Jon for your suggestions.
  3. Hi Jon, 1. On a saved flight, the command (shift+ 1-8 ) external views works fine on the Cessna default. 2. No, Shift Lock isn't on. 3. This is a steril XP install, no scenery addons, only two Plug-ins installed, Better Push Back and xEnviro 1.09. Only IXEG add-on installed other than XP defaults planes 4. No key profile assignments changes made. I have the x52 joystick/throttle set, I've also tried it without the x52 plugged in.
  4. Hi Jan; This one leaves me scratching my head; I have tried all the available View+Change(External) Shift 1-8 options, nothing works. Ben
  5. Before I open a support ticket I wanted to ask in general if anyone is experiencing this issue: Question: Is the ability to view external mode (Shift+8) while replaying a save flight broken? I have XP 11.32 and IXEG 1.21. with only the following two Plug-ins installed; BetterPuchBack and xEnviro 1.9. As I never, ever use the (Shift+8) while flying, Today for the first time I tried to use this option to evaluate a save flight and view externally my landing, but whenever I press (Shift+8) from the saved replay flight mode nothing happens and during the save flight playback the flight deck is in the cold and dark state, even while taxing and in flight, but there is taxing, and in-flight sounds. (regular sounds, minus the aircraft animations. Anyone experiencing this issue? If there is a known fix, kindly point me in the direction. (Side note: this is only in a replay mode in the IXEG. Thanks. Ben
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