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  1. alehead


    As I said, I can understand the motive for copy protections... thanks for the info on setting up the Gizmo tool to do this automatically... I must admit I saw something but wasn't fully aware of the capabilities... Thanks for getting back. A
  2. How cool is that to provide an image from the real aircraft... Good to know. The yaw that turboprop engines can induce us frightening. Just throttle up the PW150s in a Q400 and see the flight path change. A
  3. Any time frame for 1.5.2 at the moment? Soon TM was coined by PMDG back in FSX days IIRC... I like the idea of A
  4. As J@nek states, you need to activate the nose wheel steering, which is the wheel like knob below the parking brake handle on the left forward side. Rudder Operation will allow the nose wheel steering. My idea was to map a hardware lever to the toller function, but I have not tried that out yet. A
  5. alehead


    Cheers. There are things mentioned in the manuals that I cannot find in the aircraft, for example the condition lever to hardware allocation. I just used the standard x-plane interface and am currently in the process of setting up an aircraft-specific profile for the 340. As I knew from an old forum colleague of mine, the real aircraft is a little quirky (he flew for REX), and it looks like LES has nailed that. I got it now in support of the version 2.0 that is on the horizon, as well as a large number of exceptionally positive reviews. I can understand why, but I do find the
  6. alehead


    I currently have Version 1.5.1 installed. The manuals installed with the aircraft make no mention of X-Plane 11. I also have a different set of icons on the Gizmo tool. The aircraft is activated, so it is not the result of being inactive... Where do I find the manuals for the X-Plane 11 version of the aircraft? A
  7. Dear Support Team, how long does authentication take? I cannot get my copy to authenticate. It has taken nearly 15 minutes already this sitting... EDIT: Following a tip on the forum somewhere else, I changed my password. The system doesn't seem to like certain characters... Andrew Entwistle
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