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  1. Ah right, never knew. Will take a look at this, thanks for the help!
  2. I'll give this a shot. Not asking for anything more higher res. For me, I have noticed when flying the Challenger, textures at airports and other ground scenery is blurry. Changing the built in texture quality in options provides no difference.
  3. Hi all! Wanted to introduce just with saying how happy I am with the CL650, from it's system depth to the little things modelled for the aircraft. It's refreshing to have an aircraft this well made in X-Plane. However, just would like to ask in the future if possible a Low and Standard Definition variations would be available (like with the Toliss "Std" and "Hi" Def offerings), just to help reduce blurrys in 6GB VRAM Graphics cards and such. Thanks Guys!
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