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  1. Yeah I’ve looked at that and have no problem paying for it, but I’ve read it takes awhile to figure out. I may eventually bite the bullet but the sandy stuff is (mostly) working for me with a few known issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I’m running similar setup as you with older modules but in 11.32. I can tell you the MCP is just flakey; often the displays don’t work at all, or are at least laggy. I’ve tried various iterations of plugging the MCP directly into a system USB v2 or v3 port or older USB 1.x hub that is supposedly more compatible with the goflight stuff. I occasionally have the GF166s screen lock up as well, usually I can hit the standby freq flip-flop button or the function select button and the displays will start working again, but sometimes that doesn’t fix it either. In my case I’ve just learned to li
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