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  1. Thank you. I tried to change to windowed mode, and the option is not available with multiple monitors. If I turn off all but one monitor, then the windowed mode becomes available. Any suggestions on how to get to windowed mode with multiple monitors? Had the below exchange with @skiselkov but have been unable to connect with him since.
  2. Hello. I am having issues accessing any pop up windows associated with the TBM. If I click on the air frame manager, or maintenance manager, etc it does not bring up the pop up window to allow me to make changes. If I change to single monitor it works fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Hello Skiselkov. Any chance you can help me with getting pop up to work?
  4. Thanks Skiselkov. How do I figure out the geometric layout of the bottom monitor? Would love to have a permanent fix. Thank you!!
  5. Solved my problem. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!
  6. Hello. Just installed new version of TBM 900 and latest release of x plane. At startup sim is paused and, can’t get system to Un pause. If I click pause button screen will advance at what appears one frame per click. A few of switches will work, but most will not. also primary display (bottom monitor is picture attached - have 4 monitor set up) is grey with no images. Finallly noticed the F-act (assuming the is framed per second) in top left corner is fluttering around 22-23. Thanks
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