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  1. Thank you for your prompt reply I had not installed the Avitab plugin I switched on the Maintenance sheet from the aircraft menu Now all good and back flying this terrific plane Thanks again Malcolm Beaton
  2. I updated my Win 10 from v1709 to v2004 I had a clean install of XPlane 11 Pocket Rocket loads and flies but Maintenance Menu sheet has no inputs Avitab is blank All worked well previously Anything I could do? Macolm Beaton
  3. xxd09


    Got it to work As per another board members suggestion Put XPlane Demo on my Win 8 laptop Installed Pocket Rocket into this version of X Plane Why it installed successfully here and not onto my other computer-(Win10) -do not ask me! Then transferred the Plane into my proper XPlane setup and away we go! xxd09
  4. xxd09


    Tried this and no joy Never had to do anything like this in any previous downloads and I run a full FSX,P3D4.5 and a XPlane setup I have 29 Palms from you in April 2019-installed OK Bit puzzled what to do next-looks such a nice plane too xxd09
  5. I am having a problem installing this plane I get this message after core files downloaded There has been an error Error while unzipping file E:/Gizmo 64.zip: destination folder E:/Resources/plugins does not exist or is not writable The application will exit now Anything I could do? xxd09
  6. xxd09

    Pocket Rocket

    Can anybody help me with this? xxd09
  7. xxd09

    Pocket Rocket

    Cannot get this plane to install At end of core files installation get 2 messages Error while unzipping E:/Gizmo64zip. destination folder E:/Resources/plugins does not exist or is not writable I have an extensive XPlane 11 setup-fully uptodate Anything I could try? xxd09
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