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  1. Sure, see the OFP attached. This is the flown route: LOWS/33 INROM1A INROM DCT SIMBA Y700 NENUM DCT RUDNO T203 TIVDA DCT ETVIS DCT NAVEK DCT GAVLI T203 ATGUP EDDB. Before reaching ATGUP, I entered the holding at ATGUP, then entered the DCT about 5 NM before entering the holding. There was a level change to FL330 somewhere en-route, other than that the flight was as filed. LOWSEDDB_PDF_1649181959.pdf
  2. Close to waypoint ATGUP, around FL200, DCT entry DB471 caused CTD. Waypoint sequence in FMS before DCT entry was ATGUP, then a holding at ATGUP with inbound track 020. Flight plan was from LOWS to EDDB Log.txt
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    Beacon Light

    Alright, thank you for the clarification!
  4. topfen

    Beacon Light

    Hi, In previous versions of the TBM when the battery is turned on red beacon lights started to flash on the wingtips, with the NAV lights either on or off. However in the current version the flashing beacon only comes on with the NAV light switched off. Once the NAV light is switched on, the beacon turns off. Is this behaviour intended? best regards, Marc
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