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  1. I tried all of that already, it doesn't work. But after hours playing with permissions, i can confirm that the folder its not read only as i thought, because when something is read only you should have a check mark instead. Meaningless: Read only: And the persistence files doesn't have the read only activated as you can see. Also, other airplanes with persistence like the TBM for example are working fine. I tried starting xplane as an administrator too, but it makes no difference.
  2. Ok Coop i surrender with this. Windows doesn´t give a ** about how many permisons i change or how many different ways i try to do it, it just wont let me change it to non read. Is there any way to fix this without doing that? All the time the same crap https://gyazo.com/7013cc254579ba64694107562b66c274
  3. Yeah they are. And they keep reverting themselves to read only. God, i hate windows so much, let me see if i can fix it.
  4. I also tried reínstalling the aircraft, forgot to mention it earlier.
  5. All of them are empty. popups.cfg settings.cfg a.txt persist.cfg
  6. Hello! I'm having issues with the persistence. The ground equipment and the interior switches do not persist . I tried unchecking the persistence in settings an put it on again but it does not work. Log attached. Log.txt
  7. Hello Coop! I wanted to ask if the implementation of librain its gonna come in the next updates of the SR22. I asked Toto about it and he said that it should work now. Aside from that, i wanted to congratulate the team, what an amazing piece of work. Im enjoying it a lot. Kind regards!
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