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  1. I just wanted to give you an update. I updated the graphics driver and was able to complete a flight without any issue. I'll let you know if I run into any more problems. Thanks.
  2. I just want to mention that I did 2 flights yesterday without issue. Today, I tried two flights and they both crashed. So even if I can complete a flight after doing one or both of those things. how can I be sure that I just didn't get lucky on that flight? I never had a problem with v1.1.6.
  3. The TBM seems to be crashing at random now. This log is after the 2nd crash. It happend about 25 minutes into a flight. Earlier, the TBM randomly crashed after over an hour into the flight, but I didn't save the log file. Log.txt
  4. How do you downgrade? 11.31 isn't a beta anymore and my TBM no longer works.
  5. I updated to version 1.1 this morning and now the battery dies as soon as I switch the electric source to battery. I tested the battery before startup and it was in good condition. Then I shutdown the plane, recharged the battery, and tried again. It was dead as soon as I switched to Batt.
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