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  1. Hi everyone. I was going from EDDF to EKCH. Reaching CRZ LVL I wanted to change something in the approach path. I ended up with Waypoint - Disconinuty - Vectors - Discontinuity - Waypoint. Then I wanted to CLR/DEL the discontinuities or the Vector, but the FMC didn't let me do that. After like 3 seconds it crashed to desktop reproducibly. I was able to load back into the flight state and try it again three times, everytime with the same result. 0:05:05.290 I/ATC: Changing EDLP CabState from 0 to 1 0:05:05.290 I/ATC: All departures are done at EDLP. Advancing... 0:05:05.290 I/ATC: Changing EDLP CabState from 1 to 2 0:05:05.290 I/ATC: All arrivals are done at EDLP. Advancing... 0:05:05.290 I/ATC: Changing EDLP CabState from 2 to 0 2022-01-13 22:15:28 CL650[fpl.c:1297]: assertion "last_leg->leg.wpt1.name[0] != '\0'" failed: Backtrace is: 0 00007FFBE8B34ED9 C:\Windows\System32\KERNELBASE.dll+0000000000034ED9 () 1 0000000083245BB6 J:\X-Plane Beta\Aircraft\X-Aviation\CL650\plugins\systems\win_x64\systems.xpl+0000000000315BB6 (update_proc_rt_line_TO+286) --=={This application has crashed!}==-- (Art controls are modified.) Please find attached the required log files. Further more I saved a panel state right before the FMC actions have been taken, so maybe that can help you find the issue. Besides that no issues with this addon. Thanks in advance and greetings. CL650_Log.txt Log - Kopie (5)CTD EDDF EKCH with modified waypoints same crash when deleting vector or discontinuity.txt Log - Kopie (4) CTD EDDF EKCH discont vector discont loaded from saved state.txt Panelstate and logs.7z
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