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  1. I can agree on that, every -300 I’ve flown had the ability to put the runway fix in the fmc fix page, we usually do this In order to put our VDP ring for non precision approaches and therefore adjust a more precise vertical speed during the approach. (Make the altitude range arc appear on top of the ring arc on the ehsi, having set our MDA in the MCP obviously).
  2. In order to achieve this view you have to lower yourself a lot (You’re way too below the Glareshield) and you lose a lot of your external view. For example if you fly that low on a 15 flap approach you wouldn’t be able to see the runway. According to Boeing you should be seated so you are able to see the EHSI and the A/T AP disconnect lights and some part of the nose of the aircraft and I believe that you should still be able to see the control wheel movement.
  3. Hi and thanks for this amazing plane. the ixeg is the plane I mostly fly and one feature I would really love to see implemented is changing the position of the control wheel in the cockpit, specifically changing its height. For example in other planes (flyjsim 737 default 737) you can see the movement of the control column as you fly, in the ixeg this is not possible since the control wheel is too low and below the pilots point of view, the only way I can see the movement is moving the view down or increasing the field of view but this is not an option since I stop seeing outside or the instr
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