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  1. Thank you very much for your help. It worked out well.
  2. Thank you. I'll try that
  3. Is it okay if I put the Xplane folder in the " C: " or somewhere else is better ? Thank you.
  4. I just turned off my firewall but I still got the same problem. Can X-Aviation manually activate my product ? What can I do ?
  5. Hey guys, I just bought the TBM. First start, the activation popup came in. I enter my email address and password but it keep coming and coming. There is also another popup saying "your licence was updated". Any help please ?! Thanks. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  6. Thanks for your answer. Here is a screenshot of my settings...
  7. Hi guys, I am really interested into buying this stunning aircraft. But I have read that it needs a powerfull computer. Here are my PC specifications : I5-4440 GTX 750 8 GB RAM Can I run it smoothly ? I run every addons I have without any problem (RWD C510, Dreamfoil Bell 407, Carenado PA31T, S550, Phenom 100, Ixeg 737). Thanks for your feedback
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