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  1. Roger that. Thanks for a straight up response.
  2. Fair play. Here is an A model with fuel gauges in LBS. https://www.airliners.net/photo/Sky-Bahamas/Saab-340A/1464507/L
  3. Yup - 26,000 LBS loaded. All within limits. Yes. Most of them in the US were in pounds. Within the first minute you can get a good view the gauges but they are in pounds.
  4. Hello, Thank you for continuing to support the Saab in 2021 with v1.6. Two things I have noticed right out of the gate: 1. The captains altimeter pointer does not animate. It stays in the 12 oclock position. 2. CG loading re: pitch trim. In order to get the thing to fly in a trimmed state, I've got the trim towards the maximum nose up range. Certainly outside of the green band. I've got experimental flight model turned on (tried with both ON and OFF though). Just setting the payload through the XP11 Weight & Balance menu. The result is on takeoff a very heavy nose and a d
  5. Hello everyone! Goran pointed my towards this thread so here are a few words regarding this topic. Lets get one thing out there, none of us are avid X-Plane users. No lies or false ideas, we don't know X-Plane as well as we know MSFS. It is that simple. Eric and I have been doing Flight Sim since the late 90's (FS98 was a staple of my childhood, probably the only 7 year old that knew how to program an INS), Nick and Chris have been in the FS series for close to as long, if not longer. This basically means that MSFS is the primary simulator for all of us. X-Plane isn't. I understand that X-Plan
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