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  1. I also disabled the plugins you mentioned - and it did it to me again. I shut off apu after main engines start and gens on
  2. I dont have the instructor operating station. I had to google that to see how to do it and I dont or never have
  3. Well did it to me again tonight after like 10 flights with proper fuel usage. I loaded 25000 lbs fuel and when I was fly I only used the APU fuel and nothing else. Here is my log. I also looked at data refs but I didnt see anything funky and couldn't locate one that showed fuel used. I didnt take long looking at it before getting frustrated. If you see xplane quit its because I didnt finish flight. Got to the point where an aircraft thats not pulling fuel makes the challenge pointless. Its like xplane god mode. Not getting down on this plane - I have had it a long time and its getting sooooo g
  4. been flying this plane non stop to try to reproduce the error. It seems good now - CI does mean how fuel efficient the rout and plane is correct? I love the improvements to it. This plane is one I would recommend to anyone.
  5. One question I have is the cost index off simbrief. Is that value messing with my fuel possibly? Should I be using another value?
  6. Thanks for your response. I did use the fuel load method from IXEG off the side menu. I only verified zero fuel use from the Xplane side to see not one drop was used from the sims perspective.
  7. also verified - Xplane still sees the full amount of fuel that I loaded at the start - one last thing I did do a successful flight earlier but stayed in this plane and didnt reload xplane. Do I need to reload Xplane after using this 737 after just one flight?
  8. Doing a flight and loaded 31000 pounds of fuel (screen 1) (Screen 2) is FF or used. Fuel is not showing at all used on the gauges. (Screen 3) shows my CI which is 80 from the OPF for this flight. At this point halfway through I should have used at least 7000 pounds of fuel. Again the gauges never show anything being used. I can even flip the fuel valves all off and the engines dont die but keep running. I have the most fuel efficient 737 in the world- but alas not realistic at all. What could be going on? No I didnt have one heck of a tail wind either.
  9. Is the developer going to look at it? Is anyone else with it experiencing issues - xplane gripes that the scenery wont look correct. Here is a snip of the log 0:03:49.163 E/SCN: Custom Scenery/KEYW Key West International/objects/icarus/Lights/22m_spill2638.obj: 0:03:49.163 E/SCN: IDX index is out of range - the OBJ file is bad. Got index 1257 but we have 120 tris and 0 lines 0:03:49.163 E/SYS: MACIBM_alert: There was a problem loading the scenery package: 0:03:49.163 E/SYS: MACIBM_alert: Custom Scenery/KEYW Key West International/ 0:03:49.163 E/SYS: MACIBM_alert: The scene
  10. Thank you - so far hasn’t happened again. I love this 737 so much -
  11. Just got this today. Awesome and tricky! A true challenge
  12. Is there a way to look through logs are if that session is done it’s gone? Couldont reproduce tonight- flew like a champ but short flight.
  13. Hello, I have been completing some flights successfully but sometimes I get an error upon landing that the console comes up and then I can’t retract the flaps. Literally the only thing that goes wrong. Hopefully you can help and I can provide logs or do I need a screenshot? It happens when I land so I close it quickly to complete the landing. Thank you for your assistance in advance.
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