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  1. I know this is not a new topic but I desperately need help. I ran both FSX and X-plane 10 (latest version 10.51) in my PC (MSI RX-480 video card, Intel i7, SSDs), setup for Eyefinity (Crimson 17.12.1 display driver) with three 24" 1920 x 1200 Samsung monitors. The first picture below shows the instrument panel of a Cessna 172 in 2-D mode in X-plane 10 with a single monitor (i.e., no Eyefinity). The second picture in the above shows the panel in 2-D mode in Eyefinity with three monitors. The panel was seen spanning across the width of the centre screen and into both left and right screens. The sides of the instrument panel were chopped off. The right screen was not shown in this picture. I added another picture (the 5th) to show this. Is this a normal view of the panel with Eyefinity in 2-D mode? The third picture shows the panel in a single monitor not in Eyefinity with the Cessna in 2-D mode. The panel spanned across the entire width of a single screen. However, with the display set in Eyefinity with three screens, the panel in 3-D mode now was seen to span across all three screens (4th picture). Clearly, this was just an enlargement of the panel spanning across the three screens. I could not zoom out anymore to make the panel smaller. The gauges in the panel looked so unnaturally huge. So, basically, Eyefinity just made everything big rather than expanding the lateral views. I have tried different settings, including vertical and lateral FOVs and offsets to no avail. I could not zoom out to make the panel smaller to gain more lateral view on both sides. What did I do wrong? What settings in the Rendition Setting did I not use properly? On the other hand, I would like to point out that I have no troubles with FSX in using Eyefinity with 3 monitors (please see the 6th picture). Please note the size of the instrument panel in the centre screen and amount of the lateral views in left and right screens. I could zoom out even further to gain more lateral views, i.e., making the panel even smaller. I desperately need help and guidance in setting X-plane 10 for Eyefinity. Thanking you in advance. James
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