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  1. I did just read what you wrote in the post and I am one of the ones who fall into the area of having Webroot as an antivirus. I guess I will have to make sure that I do not need to make any adjustments to the FMC while in flight.
  2. Ok I can try that how to figure out how to do that in my antivirus LOL
  3. It drops my frames to about half a frame then you could still hear sounds then it goes black then it comes back then it goes black then it comes back and it just keeps doing it never stops. One time I actually left and had dinner and when I came back it was still doing the same thing. If need be I can make a video. On a sidenote merry Christmas.
  4. Morten, i was wondering if you could help me with another problem that I am having. any manipulation to the FMC during flight causes crash. this has happened to me 4 times already and only happens if I make any changes to the fmc while it is in the air. Any clues???
  5. Thanks Morten, I figured out it was my spadnext plug-in.
  6. Hey Everyone I just purchased the Ixeg 737 and I'm running into a problem. I'm sure its something simple that I overlooked. Every time I start the sim no buttons work in the cockpit nothing turns nothing clicks at least in the animations. You can hear that they are actually doing something but nothing moves. the only way to make the buttons work is to click the button reboot on the right hand side but most of the time this crashes my sim. I have watched many video but have not seen anyone with this problem. Can someone help me out? Thank You Steve P
  7. Hey Cameron, I hope you don’t think that I am bashing this program, I love this program and have been recommending it to everyone. my original post ar anythere after were never meant as a bashing. If they came out like that I do apologize. Is there any file that I can send you that can show you what’s going on? The only thing I have installed is 1. Xplane 11 2. Zibo mod for default 737 3. skyMaxx Pro with weather connector 4. better pushback 5. 6 airports from mister x 6. Xp realistic 7. Landing speed 8. Rass 9. Airfoil labs eclipse 550Ng i have no mesh installed no ortho nothing else could one of these programs be an issue?
  8. OK so I just got an answer back from the developers website basically saying that what I was seeing was not what I thought I saw and it’s fine if I was wrong not a problem i’ll always admit when I was wrong and I’ll be taking the video offline. my thing is I bought this program after watching one of the videos that was put up on YouTube about SkyMaxx Pro and on the video one of the first segments was about how it really did not affect the frames. whether it be DRM whatever the case. it doesn’t matter to me I bought this program on the aspects that it wouldn’t drop my frames and it did so am I wrong for being a little upset. And don’t get me wrong even after watching the video I expected my frames to drop a little like three or four that would be fine but it dropped it by almost 13 FPS. You know how many people would kill to get that many frames back on your Sim. In conclusion like I said before, I did a lot of research between this program and Xenviro and I believed that skyMaxx Pro was a better choice and I still do. I just didn’t expect my frames to tank especially after watching their video.
  9. That’s a shame because I really liked sky max pro but I’m not going to use a program who’s DRM Drops my FPS by 15 frames. They should have a disclaimer explaining this on their website before you buy there product.
  10. Today I spent 3 hours figuring out why all of a sudden my FPS would be in the high 30's to dropping to the low 20's. I found a plugin in my plugins folder that was causing the problem. please help. I made this video showing what happens. https://youtu.be/z89-NYy8t3s
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