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  1. Finally finished and available... Jet2 current fleet of 7 liveries on X-Plane.org: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/81139-jet2-fleet-repaints-for-the-ixeg-737-classic/ Go Fly fleet of 27 liveries is on box.com: https://app.box.com/s/j0injoqx848o4npuwtxwvmndy6du3jf0
  2. A disappointing follow-up... Flightfactor 757 is still broken with the IXEG installed, despite trying the version of XPUIPC recommended above. Is there any decent troubleshooting possible because I know from a software development standpoint these kind of integration issues are an absolute nightmare to resolve between multiple commercial parties.
  3. Hi guys, some work-in-progress shots for: a) a 'Go Fly' fleet pack (c.2002) b) a Jet2 fleet pack (featuring G-GDFG, FK, FL, FM, FN, FO & FT)
  4. Thanks guys, I only have XPUIPC installed because a VA 'tracking' plugin requires it to read sim status, I don't use any of it's control assignment features. BTW I found here: https://vasystem.org/support/vas-acars/x-plane/, So will give that a go. Grateful to hear others don't have the issue between the IXEG737 and the FF757, suggesting it's a local issue.
  5. Hi Jan, I do; and had wondered what version I should be on. I'm currently running But I have found & downloaded the following (later) versions...;; and; ...but never applied them (not knowing whether it would make things better or worse). Does this help? If there is a version of XPUIPC that you and/or the devs test with, I'll happily try that. Many Thanks, Chris.
  6. Hi there, something the team should be aware of - installing the IXEG 737 Classic appears to break the Flightfactor 757V2 autothrottle functionality. Whether it is something to do with SASL conflicts; or something else would need to be investigated. I have installed/uninstalled the IXEG several times, and the issue on the Flightfactor 757 only surfaces immediately once the IXEG is installed and it goes away when the product is uninstalled. I tried disabling ther Gizmo plugin after starting X-Plane with the FF757, but this makes no difference. Does anyone know if there's a workaround or would it require code change, because it would seem there is a conflict between these products. Many Thanks, Chris. (P.S. message also posted in the Flightfactor 757v2 forum on X-Plane.org)
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