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  1. Thanks Ben! Cheers, Vincent
  2. Hi guys, could yo please enlarge clearly the Gizmo tray icons? a bit like in the TBM 900 style, as it is fairly difficult to read if for example you are on a snowy airport, and you were expecting to open one of the checklists, it might be tough to read a white text color over some icy scenery......this might be great for people who love flight simming but with such a bad eye sight. Could you please check and revert, Thanks, Fly safe, Vincent
  3. Good morning Cameron, I was not precise enough in my comments, and I apologize from this. I have been downloading the installer several months ago from my Macbook pro, and as I was far away from my place, it took me a bit of time when I came back mid November and trying to install it on my gaming rig which is a PC. In fact it has been working fine when I have been downloading it, and installing the same day. Wish it clarifies. Cheers, Vincent
  4. Hi guys, thanks too! but you might precise that as soon as you have been downloading the installer file, you need to install this bird quite fast to avoid those kind of problems! Cheers, Vincent
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