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  1. thanks Goran, problem solved!!
  2. I use virpil rudder pedals with no brakes. X-plane detecs the pedals normally. Assigned as rudder trim and calibrated also normally. With saab and rocket planes they work fine. But in TBM900 the rudder is not working. I have reinstalled the plane, no succes. I can steer with the joystick. I am running X-plane 11 rev 53. Is there any trick?
  3. After setting a button to "toggle thrust reverse" taxi range is OK. But now I cannot go back to the right and feater for the second time.
  4. New with saab 340. Updated saab to 1.5.1 and the newest Gizmo. I try to map the preset views from the saabmenu to my hardware. Problem is when I click on the view I like to map, it is only visible in one or two seconds Too short to assign and also not usable. Of course I can use the home made screens from x-view but I like the presets more. Any ideas? Running X-plane 11.50, radeon1080TI with 11 gb, intel i7-8700
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