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  1. Excuse me, Mr. Cameron. I read the terms of the answers on the main page. I've been on X-plane for almost 15 years and I have many paid addons: and in all but X-Aviation cases the answers are immediate, maybe in a few hours and sometimes immediate. This was what i meant. Excuse me, please, my anxiety and I am awaiting the response of the support. regards
  2. Excuse me if you can not make me understand. I changed to the Windows 10 operating system. Install everything and function or correctly except xplane 11. So I was going back to Windows 7. Try to re-install all the X-Aviation package and tell me that I have the ID blocked. I already explained this in the support email. But, it's the worst support service I've ever known. They do not answer.
  3. Hi. I have had this problem. This happened to me again when I changed the operating system. Now for inconveniences with other programs of bo back to the previous one. Consult support, but I have no answer. What should I do to be answered?
  4. Continue these screens appearing on landing. Always!!! They can explain that this is Thank you
  5. Dear I purchased the 737 IXEG clasic. I congratulate you on the achievement, but on every flight I encounter many problems start reporting them. First when the landing occurs just at the time of touch, a window opens. I close it immediately to continue the flight. On another flight, when handling the FMC to schedule an approach, new windows open, which sent them and make inoperative the FMC and must conclude the flight. Thank you send me a solution regards
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