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  1. I am seeing the same issue here. I think the solution might be to load the fuel in a cold & dark cockpit and only then power on the systems. Now I've only tested this once and it worked, so it might have been a coincidence. I haven't had the time to do further testing.
  2. Nope. As far as I can tell everything is normal. I actually just now realized that the TBM 900 overrides the default X-Plane failure menu, I never really used it before anyways. I forgot to check which failure the TBM 900 triggered, if it happens again I'll make sure to look it up. The Log file doesn't seem to record if a failure is triggered, at least in my case there's no entry.
  3. I've just purchased the TBM 900 a few days ago as well, been doing a few flights so far, but today I've had the same happening (the second time already). I was cruising at FL280, no indication that anything was abnormal, when out of nowhere Torque shot up to way over 300% and my plane immediately dived nose down. I immediately did a cut-off and recovered, but wasn't able to re-start the engine. Only after resetting failures within the X-Plane menu I was able to re-start the engine. All I can see in the Log is the following line: 2020-01-14 12:48:35 TBM900[elec.c:1210]: MAIN GEN tripped (47.1A, 28.4V, rpm: 0) So my question is, what exactly is causing it? I am using accelerated wear, but the airframe is new. After landing I also couldn't find anything in the Maintenance tab that was broken. Only the Turbine seems to have taken some slight damage.
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