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  1. Hi Guys, I am curious how other users with the Honeycomb yoke have their X-Plane controls/sensitivities/slopes setup for use with the Challenger and/or other aircraft. I am really quite new to X-Plane after almost 30 years using the ATP/FS/P3D franchises and I can't seem to find a happy medium; it's either way too sensitive (fractions of an inch result in huge erratic swings) or very unresponsive. I must be missing something in the controls setup. I expect the Challenger will likely have some of the sensitivity or awkwardness in pitch feel and crisp roll rate somewhat similar to the (real) CRJ-200 but my yoke is taking it to the extreme. I have calibrated the yoke well through it's full range of motion in X-Plane. The addition of slopes for pitch (the worst offender for me) and adjustments to control sensitivity/stability anywhere from 0 to 100 percent are not taming this wild animal. Would anyone be willing to share their pitch/roll and control sensitivity setups for the Honeycomb? Thank you! Andrew
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