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  1. I have reset the checklists. both current and all, and that does not fix the issue. The FO actions the current selected checklist and the last one that was active before selecting a new one simultaneously.
  2. Just to add I currently have this issue. When reloading into the same aircraft, the F/O is still in a broken state as I run the Flight Compartment Checklist, the FO is also executing the Before Landing Checklist.
  3. @mmerelles I followed your advice and remapped both throttles. This appears to have fixed the issue. Thanks for the tip. Issue closed.
  4. I just finished installing the new 1.1 version of the IXEG 737. I seem to have a problem with my throttle control for Engine 2. I have a Thrustmaster HOTAS throttle with the left and right throttle levers mapped to Throttle 1 and Throttle 2 in XP11. When I move either throttle in the 737 I see the corresponding thrust-lever move in the IXEG, and the configuration horn even sounds if the throttle is extended far enough on both engines. When I advance the throttle for engine 1, the engine responds accordingly to the input. When I advance the second throttle lever, I see the lever move
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