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  1. Hi I am trying to install the latest cl650 update 1.4.1 but I am getting a Gizmo error I have included a screen shot of the error and also the Gizmo log.I have downloaded the patch twice to make sure it was not a faulty download. Any help please kindest regards M.Hamilton GizmoLog.txt
  2. Please excuse me if this has been answered elsewhere, but I was wondering if there is a way of enlarging the pop up screen.I am running 4k resolution and am unable to read the options.I run full screen with 150% user interface. Thank you for any help
  3. Hi I am having the same problem?
  4. mickham29

    116 crash

    Hi I am on discord,can you tell me how to send the log please (newbie)
  5. mickham29

    116 crash

    Hi again.I take that last statement back.I see that it is not possible to install an older version .
  6. mickham29

    116 crash

    Thank you again Goran here is the log.I have just uninstalled 116 and I am going to reinstall 114 to see if that still works? Regards Log.txt
  7. mickham29

    116 crash

    Hi Thank you for your input.I have tried as you suggested but now the sim crashes back to desktop whenever the taws test starts?
  8. mickham29

    116 crash

    After four attempts to get ver116[2] installed{had to physical remove left over folders after auto uninstall]it took 31 minutes to load the aircraft.After exiting the tutorial xplane froze.I had to quit the programme through task manager.I have never had this problem with all the earlier versions.Any help please. Regards M.Hamilton Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  9. Hi Has anyone had this happen before? I usually get this happening whilst taxing,at first I thought it was world traffic but I have disabled this and I still get the same problem' Please see attached screen shots and log txt'. Log.txt
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