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  1. That nailed it, all appears to be working now. Thanks. /Nils-Erik
  2. Sure here you go. There is a lot of failures on the sounds, but i am not sure what that means. /Nils-Erik Log.txt
  3. I have tried both clicking and dragging. If i just click, nothing happens. If i drag there is a sound, and it is the same sound no matters what switch i am dragging. Yet nothing happens. If i assign a switch to master battery, power comes on, but the switch don't move. Thanks for the suggestion though. Nils-Erik
  4. Hello all Just bought this one, and find the switches not working. Mags, starters, circuit breakers, etc, shows and icon (hand) when hovering over it but nothing happens. I can move the throttle levers and yoke using the mouse (havent assigned any yoke. etc, yet) XPUIPC is known to cause issues like that, but taking that folder out didn't help. Regards Nils-Erik
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