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  1. Hi @Cameron. It seems that the solution to my problem is probably in the next update for Skymaxx Pro, which has been completed by the developer but is still not published (I think). Are you able to give a release date please, or at least an approximate time frame? I have Rev at present.
  2. Thanks @sundog. Is there an ETA for the next update?
  3. Thanks for that. Here are the graphics settings as requested. By the way, the clouds in the image you attached and in the icons within SMP's GUI look fine, so I'm reasonably confident it isn't an excess of brightness or gamma in my NVidea settings.
  4. That's good news about ASXP's custom weather mode - thanks for that. As for the other issue, I have re-run the situation at the same time and place so I can attach a completely consistent set of data and pictures. I also recorded a video using XP11's tool - the pixellation is shocking and it's still about 180MB for a minute or so of video - so I'll only post that if you ask for it. It does show the cloud bank receding as I fly towards it. I also restarted XP11 with just SMP running (no ASXP or RWC) and fed the same weather in manually using XP11's weather settings - same results.
  5. Fair point about variable cloud bases - I'm now happy on that score. But I still have a problem with the fog/cloud on the ground and I'm sure it isn't X-Plane's built in fog effect. Here's an image using ASXP without SMP and RWC, visibility below the cloud is >9999m, as per Metar:- And here's the same approach with SMP and RWC enabled, using ASXP's historical weather function to give exactly the same weather. Visibility is about 2000m - not as per Metar, and the solid wall of cloud/fog looks very unconvincing:- It's as though there was a bank of cl
  6. Thanks for the quick response @sundog. So the problem isn't down to scud, because I use turbulent HD for overcast clouds (procedural textures look like a sheet of white card, sadly). I have tried again with cloudbase at 400ft AGL and >=10km visibility below the cloud. What I get is the ground under the plane's nose clearly visible at more than 1100ft AGL but visibility ahead limited to 2 miles or so by cloud/fog - the exact opposite of the metar report. As I descend on the glidepath, the fog ahead clears but in very noticeable steps rather than gradually. (Log of this different sit
  7. Hi everyone. First post on this forum. I bought SMP last week and have been very impressed by what I have seen so far. I run it with RWC and Active Sky XP, although I have also run it by itself, with weather conditions input via the weather screen in XP11, in manual mode. My problem is with cloud thickness and ceiling heights, which often seem to be a poor match for the Metar report and what shows up in the XP11 weather settings screen. I have been scudding along the top of solid cloud at 6000ft when XP11 was set to 3500ft tops (no RWC or ASXP in that instance). Then with overcas
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