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  1. So, there I was looking at the plugin usage on my XP12 Zibo 737. XLua was taking up more than 50% fps & the fps on the sim was barely 18. I thought this is not right. So, I decided to look at the actual xlua script files for the zibo, I navigate to the plugins/xlua/scripts folder and I see 12 folders. My eyes are drawn to the one named B738.glaresheild. Inside that folder is a file B738.glaresheild.lua. I chuckled to myself as I imagined explaining the "i before e except after c" rule to non-native English speakers. Then I thought, native English speakers who knew that rule would have corrected the spelling. So, I look in the default XP12 LR B737-800 & sure enough both the folder & the file were spelt incorrectly. But the Zibo 737's origins are XP11. And when I looked in the LR B737-800 in XP11, I find both B738.glaresheild the folder & B738.glaresheild.lua the file. So, from the time of XP11 release in 2017 through all the updates & then into XP12, 6 years & counting, a simple spelling mistake has not been picked up & corrected. Any half-decent spell checker would pick up such an obvious mistake because "sheild" does not exist in the English language. And people get upset when the software is criticised. The point is not the mistake. We all make mistakes. But to not correct a mistake over 6 years? That tells me something is seriously wrong.
  2. Delicious! 1st picture - Left - How it started... 2nd picture - Right - How it ended... Guess the location! QED - "Quod Erat Demonstrandum" or if your latin is rusty, "That which was to be proven/demonstrated"
  3. Here is just 1 example of my "assumptions" But remember, as I never had to go through poverty and never had things given to me, I will never know how GREAT XP12 is. I only paid for it! But paying for it means I can never say true things about it! XP12 is finished....long before it even started. And remember DON'T start with just any aircraft, start with the Cessna 172 & then switch to your aircraft of choice especially that shiny new E175 that you bought for $74.
  4. Xlua was not developed by a 3rd party. It is a LR implementation. Yet it is, as of 12.05, sucking fps out of XP12 like no other component. That LR haven't fixed it or made sure it was not in the release from the get-go is "absolutely appalling". And if this is the situation with their own module, it doesn't take Einstein to figure out how badly 3rd party devs have been treated. If devs really had input into what LR is doing (I doubt this), then it just shows that LR hasn't planned XP12 well. Zink is another example. LR has demonstrated with XP12 that they lack proper release management skills.
  5. I have lost count of the number of 3rd party developers who are deeply unhappy with the way LR has mismanaged XP12. Absolutely appalling. These devs are not going to sit and wait for LR to sort themselves out. Many see good opportunities in the MSFS world & they are entitled to take advantage of them to earn some money.
  6. Hmmm.... So I'm just going to say how I felt when I watched this interview. I wasn't impressed. I don't think this was because of Austin. He's the owner/producer of XP. So that was completely normal. But I thought the interviewer wasn't very good. It's one thing to be a fan of Austin/Laminar/XP. But when you have an opportunity to interview him, I would have put more challenging questions to him. But then given that the interviewer is from the .Org site, I guess it was not going to go that way. I guess the ability to be a fan of a product and yet ask good questions is something that comes from maturity. Thanks for posting it here though @VirtualGAaviator
  7. LR has confirmed that XP12 crashes when loading non-stock payware or freeware aircraft. The ZIBO 737 & upcoming X-Crafts E-Jets E175 are 2 that I know about. And the official advise from LR to both end-users & 3rd party aircraft developers is load up the Cessna C172 & switch to the desired aircraft. Maybe other non-stock aircraft also have this problem. LR has also not provided a time scale of when this problem will be fixed which appears to me like they have not found the reason for this crash. So, it may take a release or 5. Just an FYI.
  8. And for every 1 of those 10, there are probably some number who bought it & are not using it. So, I have a FlyWithLua script that refers to a dataref: laminar/B738/toggle_switch/vhf_nav_source. It was working in an earlier XP12 release. FWL suddenly decided to quarantine the script because the dataref was no longer available. True enough it seemed the dataref had been removed. So, I simply replaced the dataref with an alternative: laminar/B738/toggle_switch/vhf_nav_source_lft. And FWL quarantines the script again with the complaint that this dataref was also not available. My point is not about the error although it is an issue. But it's a beta release. So some things won't work. But imagine the time spent on this & other bugs like this when I could have used that time flying. I don't want to turn this thread into a school yard level argument like the "community leaders" do in the other forum. I simply state my experience with XP12 & will let readers decide for themselves what to do. Apologies for this rant.
  9. I had left X-Plane 12 alone for a while & started it up again a few days ago. What a mess! It updated to version 12.04. But 12.05 betas are also available. So more fixes are coming. I launched the ZIBO 737 & XP12 promptly crashed, something about vulkan. The workaround is to start in another aircraft & then switch to the ZiBO. And that seems to work, except that the performance is really bad. Xlua seems to be taking a large amount of fps away. I switched to the A330. Then I find out that the A330 has issues & is getting fixes from LR as XP12 fixes are rolled out. Meanwhile, there are aircraft & non-aircraft add-ons/plugins that are still in limbo & no news on if they're going to be updated to work on XP12. If I were a developer, I'd be tearing my hair out. At this rate, it's going to take a year before XP12 is actually usable. Back to XP11 it is. Just WOW!
  10. Hi Rick, VirtualGAaviator I second this! I'd like to fly everyday too. But alas, time seems to be my enemy! I fly heavies all the time, at this point it's all Boeing aircraft. And for now it's the Zibo B737 on XP11. When XP12 settles down (will take 6 months, IMHO), I'll try out the A330 for medium haul. I've seen the Citation X on XP12. I'll probably try that as well. It sounds like a fun aircraft to fly. On the modding, I don't think you need permission from LR. I've seen folks just pushing out mods for other aircraft in the other place. The Zibo B737 & Soarky B744 are just 2 that come to mind. I think it becomes complicated if you want to charge for modding. Either way, I don't think it hurts to get an official line from LR that clears the way for modding aircraft. I think they might even provide extra information that might prove to be useful when modding. Steve
  11. Hi Rick, Sorry! Just saw this topic. As I fly airline heavies all the time, I don't use low altitude airways. So nothing below FL200. So, I'm always in a pressurized cabin & cockpit! Hope this answers your question. Steve
  12. Hi Rick310, I wouldn't worry about getting to XP12 anytime soon. It really isn't worth the trouble. I bought it on Steam because there was big discount. But I'm not using it. I still fly XP11. IMHO, LR messed up this release with the Early Access nonsense last September. When they released XP12 in December, there were so many issues with it. Many plugins & aircraft just don't work. And that magenta issue hasn't gone away at all. On top of this, LR changed so many datarefs that the Log.txt is full of messages about needing to change them. Even simple FlywithLua plugin scripts are getting quarantined. Now barely 2 months in, LR are busy releasing fixes, the latest being .04. There's a long way to go before XP12 settles down. I prefer to spend my time flying rather than pore over Log.txt file to see why XP12 has crashed...again. So I too am sticking to XP11 for now. On top of this, LR is being badly damaged by the trolls....read "community leaders" in the other place. But since LR is not affiliated in anyway with these fora, they can't & won't do anything about it. Happy flying! PS: I have an i7-4790K, 32 Gb RAM & GTX Titan X (12 GB). 40 fps+ most of the time in XP11. It easily runs XP12.
  13. Hello, I did not see a topic for this wonderful plugin. So I thought I should start one. I do this with the blessing of the new developer of this plugin. His name is Antonello Mattacchieri The history of this plugin is well documented in the OTHER nasty place. So I won't bother repeating it here. But I can say that this is for me a great plugin which works really well & is being improved upon constantly. All the information for the plugin can be found at this address: http://124thatc.matacchieri.eu/ If you like me are not a fan of X-Plane's own ATC and/or you find keeping up with VATSIM and/or IVAO strange rules really tiresome, then this plugin is for you! Antonello has said he would join this forum & reply to any queries that come up. And I will also do the same, as long as I am allowed to. Lastly, I think the only thing that both Antonello & i would ask is that simmers should read the user guide & try the plugin out before reporting problems here. Steve
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