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  1. From what I've noted over my time of traveling with Southwest Airlines with my face pressed against the window like a kid looking for Santa, the classic 737's don't have much wing flex. Maybe just a smidge if any at all. Now if you've experienced some of those, awesome landings.... then you could possible see the wing bounce slightly along with the rest of the plane.
  2. Oh god, I work with Southwest Airlines as a ramp agent at KSTL. I just got killed in the bins with thanksgiving rush bags. Managed to stuff 74 into the old girls Delta Bin, another 12 in Foxtrot, couldn't tell ya what they managed to squeeze in up front. I will say the detail to make the bins look abused looks alright. Maybe ill have to send some pictures out of the some I come in contact with. The writing from other bases is rather interesting. Like a public bathroom stall lol XD, can't wait for eyebrows, though SWA doesn't use them and thats all I fly with the 733 so alas I'm out of luck lol
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