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  1. Excellent thank you for that Jim so in that case the 'dry motoring' version of engine starting must have been SOP at my dad's company I think I will actually do it the Saab way from now on, but will try the dry motoring way again tomorrow just out of interest. thanks for the help. John
  2. Sorry Jim I meant the starter switch i.e. the switch one uses to select which engine to start. They are paper manuals so I'll take a photo of the page and stick it up here if you'd like or send it to you, but for simplicity the procedure in that manual is Battery voltage check, BUS TIE CONN check, hold starter switch to the right, check Ng at about 20% & ITT at 170 degrees or less then move COND lever to start. However I'm perfectly happy if that's not the way to do it in the sim
  3. Can I just say as a clarification that I admire you sim builders enormously and sim aircraft like this have given me a lot of pleasure for many years. I wasn't criticising anyone or telling you off, just pointing something out and seeing if there were any possible resolutions. It would seem that as another poster stated, if you start with a default aircraft first, like the Baron, and then transfer to the saab, the props don't windmill, so that's fine. This is a great aircraft and I did my first proper flight in it yesterday from Aberdeen to Sumburgh and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the
  4. I'm sorry but it is undeniably an inaccurate simulation, the props would never, ever spin like that with the engines off. But fair enough, I shall just not look at the exterior model.
  5. Both engines windmilling like they're running in a 7kt wind? That's a bug, I'm afraid:
  6. Yes but the real aircraft has a propeller brake to stop it moving when stationary. Otherwise, the prop blades would whack boarding passengers on the head!
  7. HI chaps, Sorry to open another post but I just wanted to know if this is a bug or I'm doing something wrong but when the engines are off, all systems off and aircraft first loaded, the propellers windmill furiously. So much so, in fact, that it looks like they're running. Is there something that I can do to stop this? In addition, I can't start the engines unless I use the autostart feature, even though I am following your procedures to the letter. Should I reinstall or am I doing something wrong? Cheers, John
  8. Thank you for the responses chaps I've got it now. I am very surprised that the Saab pilots said that - in fairness, not all of the tests are on the normal procedures but looking at my dad's old checklists, the fire test was definitely used. Like I say, I think it would just round the aircraft off beautifully. Thanks for the help chaps, John
  9. Hi chaps, I am very new to x-plane, but have been simming for many years and have a licence in real life. My Dad was a Saab pilot for some years, and so I jumped at the opportunity to buy an in-depth model. I haven't fully got into it yet (too busy), but intend on doing so and love what you've done with it it looks a really fine and in-depth sim, which is what I like. One thing I did notice was that none of the test functions are simulated, which surprised me a tad given the depth of the overall simulation. I just wondered if this would be implemented in the future? Would be a fantastic addi
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