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  1. Fair comment, I wasn't aware how much of a problem this had been. I do hope however my post was received as I meant it, not to chastise the powers that be here, but to throw in some balance to a thread that 'seemed' to be getting a little out of control. Peace.
  2. I've been reading this thread, and was sad to see that there's isn't in fact a legit 3D 747 being worked on. I'm sure I'm not alone in looking forward to such a thing. If this chap has repeatedly stolen others work - shame on him, and you've clearly had dealings in the past, and obviously take action. - Quite rightly. I do not condone his actions at all. It dismays me however to see the administrators getting into a mob rule debate about what offensive term can be applied - kicking a man when he's down when you've successfully made your point? - As disgraceful as his actions IMHO. Warn people
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