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  1. All callouts working again after update to v1.0.4 Sven
  2. I also want to confirm the issue. Did some tests and found out that you don´t need to power up the Plane. In Cold and Dark you only need to switch the WX Radar on and the blinking begins, but only in the Cockpit view, not on an Outside view. Removed all Plugins from Plugins-Folder except for Gizmo and removed all Custom Scenery, but it didn´t change anything, blinking is still there. Sven
  3. Hallo Jan, i also checked it with no other plugins execpt for Gizmo in the plugins-Folder. Did a 10nm final approch Rwy32 at EDXW without Custom Scenery. Still missing 2500ft and Minimum callout only. I tested it with my USB Headset, my USB Soundsystem and my onboard Soundchip, allways the same Problem. Rolled back to v1.0.2 and all callouts worked again without changing anything at the X-plane Settings. Grüße, Sven
  4. I had the same problem some time ago. Check your Joystick CWS deadzone slider setting , it´s above the Sound sliders in the IXEG Menu. My setting was at "0" and i changed it to something around "20" .
  5. Hi, after i updated the Plane to v1.0.3 i don´t hear the 2500ft and Minium Callout any more. I went back to 1.0.2 and than the sounds worked again. I´m not using Soundmaxx or any Jardesign plugin. I think it´s a bug like the broken Firebell-Sound. Hope you can bring the sounds back in the next Hotfix. Thanks Sven.
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