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  1. Hello guys, Bit Defender is blocking the connection between my PC and X-Aviation servers, either downloading software or during activation. It says it's protecting the connection because the data is not encrypted. Every time I need to allow the connection in the Bitdefender panel. Any ideas why this is happening?
  2. Sorry guys, didn't see the bug reports before.
  3. Since I updated 737 classic to v1.21 I am getting a Gizmo error, and if I change the aircraft and go back to the Ixeg, a real mess occour. GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  4. AirFMC says it supports Ixeg, but I think Ixeg doesn't support AirFMC. I think AirFMC works with datarefs, but they can be changed by the aircraft authors.
  5. I don't think IXEG supports AirFMC.
  6. It seems you moved out planemaker.exe You can make a shorcut anywhere, but you can't move the executable file out of the x-plane folder.
  7. If privacy is important why they explained my name in the topic? Not a big deal, I have made videos in the org and I have my real name in the channel. So, identity identity is NOT protected in a encrypted data base. And why are you calling me pirate? - My X-Plane was bought via Steam: My nickname there is rodrigoef and my profile is public. You can check it. - I have two payware addons: Jar A320 boght at org store: order 223786 - 11/30/2014 JAR A330 bought at org store: order 262697 - 7/3/2015 Other addons are freeware - Enchanced Highway Lights, Clouds Gold Edition, Real Terra Haze, Fly With Lua and a bunch of aircrafts and scenarios. And I have produced two freeware scenarios: SBFL and Rio de Janeiro Improved Mesh. Producing more at moment, and I take care to remove the custom buildings and substitute with laminar library autogen to update do gateway. I don't think it's a pirate busines. Can't see any piracy here. It is a damning indictment, your spyware features are not functional here at least.
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