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  1. @Cameron will that circumvent the broken license checking mechanism or will it only help to unpack soundmaxx?
  2. I purchased some products during the sale but can't install any of them on MacOS! Below is the text of the support ticket. Hi, I purchased SkyMaxx, Real weather connector, SoundMaxx, and terramaxx. I am trying to install them but all the installers tell me "the provided username and password does not match or you have not yet purchased this product!". I am definitely entering the correct credentials. The SoundMaxx installer fails to start, showing “There has been an error. Installer payload initialization failed. This is likely due to an incomplete or corrupt downloaded file.” I have downloaded twice to make sure and the error persists with both downloads. I am on the latest MacOS 10.13.6 and latest X-Plane 11 Name of product(s) - Put N/A for none: SoundMaxx, TerraMaxx, SkyMaxx, Real weather connector
  3. See the attached screenshot of the 757 over Denver. The Urbanmaxx textures are tiled in a very ugly and linear way making big straight lines and repeating patterns through the city. Any chance of a fix to reduce the tiling of the texture? Urbanmaxx looks great at low altitude but pretty bad from up high. Edit: seems upload didn't work, here is an imgur link
  4. The same thing happened to me. I think it is a bug with the first time the aircraft is run. Maybe an issue with the activation system?
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