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  1. Affirm, and went through trash and don't see anything I deleted. Still no luck activating it either.
  2. Hello all, I love the IXEG 737, it is one of my favorite planes and has provided me with a ton of fun. However, I recently got a new hard drive and forgot to uninstall it from the old one before formatting it. When I tried to reactivate it, I received an out of activation error. I went to the XAviation website and sent in a contact form to have them reset it. On Aug 31 I got the email with the ticket I created, but never heard back. I submitted another one on Oct 8 and have not heard back. Of course, this was over the weekend, and likely went unseen because of that, but I have still not heard anything and wanted to see if I could grab someone's attention over here on the forums, as I do not see a phone number to call XAviation. Of course, I will not put any of my order numbers, etc here, but if someone from xAviation could reach out to me I'd really love to get this resolved so I can fly it again. Thanks!
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