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  1. S83 - Shoshone County

    S83 Shoshone County Airport
    Located just west of Kellogg, Idaho. Sits low in a narrow valley at 2200' surrounded by 3500' and 4000' peaks and ridges. It is between the St. Joe and the Coeur d'Alene mountain ranges. Test your hand flying skills, no instrument procedures, and a nice 5300' runway. In real life the airport can be a great test of your cross wind landing skills.
    Includes static aircraft, trees, exclusion zones so there should be no issues with the beta or future updates.




  2. Spokane, WA - KGEG

    Spokane, Washington State USA
    KGEG, Spokane International Airport, under construction.
    This airport has had several changes over the last two years and is in the process of taxiway reconfiguration, building a new ARFF facility, and several other projects. I am almost complete, but wanted some feedback. Version 3 will contain custom objects.
    I have the airfield side configured as it will look at the end of next summer when the taxiways are reconfigured. Right now I am using only the default objects. I have placed some airfield side ramp equipment. All the buildings, lighting and lights are placed as close as possible to real with default objects.
    I have excluded most of the default roads (wrong locations) at the airport due to new construction. I have placed new polygons where the roads and drives actually are.
    I added photo scenery and several more buildings surrounding the airport.
    Please see the attached txt file for some changes that need to be made to the earth_nav.dat file, otherwise the glide slope antenna for rwy 3, and localizer antenna for rwy 21 and the IM of rwy 3 will be in the wrong locations, two of them right in the middle of the runway.
    I have placed some fun stuff.
    I will have a few changes and additions to make but I didn't notice until I had everything zipped up.
    Let me know what you think.




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