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  1. I have sent three e-mails and changed my password twice and still cannot activate updated Falco. can someone please inform me why X-Aviation do not reply. Was going to buy the T28C and Nimitz but with all this Gizmo palaver do not see this as an option now. Hope someone replies. Regards but defeated Danny
  2. Well lets say it was a senior moment lol. I have updated to 9.45, VASFMC works still and the blocky lights have. Time to have a glass of wine and enjoy the xs falco. Thanks again Danny
  3. Good Lord no!. Just don't worry. I will update first and see how it goes before asking you to do something. Love the acf, a great deal of fun from closing canopy and start up to ending - (hard landings at the moment:) - lets wait and see before making any trouble. Thanks again for your help, most appreciated. Yours Aye! Danny
  4. Sorry as an aside I have just opened XP with your xsFalco12 - free download and do not have the blocky lights. Is that any help?. Danny
  5. Evening Tkyler, Thanks for reply. The version of XP that I am on is: 9.40rc16, I know it's not up to date but I really have hassle with my flight planning programme so am loath to update. It now seems like I have to bite the bullet as I did not think the version could be the problem. Will think about updating and will let you know. Hate the idea:(. Regards Danny
  6. Thanks for prompt reply. My specs are: AMD Athlon 7750 Dual Core @ 2.70 GHz 4Gb Ram Windows Vista 64 bit Nvidia 9500Gt 1Gb Ram Driver version 8.17.119562 updated from Nvidia's web site less than 3 months. Regards Danny
  7. If i rotate around acf the wing light appear as a white block. attached pics. I have tried other acf's but do not have this problem so not my graphic drivers. Any idea?. Danny
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