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    I did a fresh install of the Saab and the CTOT is working perfectly. Not sure what corrupted things, but thank you all for the help!
  2. tryanc


    Yes, CTOT switches are set to arm. Condition levers are set to MAX. CTOT doesn't take over. I realize that the power levers won't move. But there is no torque increase. Really stumped here.
  3. tryanc


    Jan, thanks for the reply. I am aware that the power levers need to be within a certain range of the set torque. Even when I very slowly advance the power levers through 64% and slowly continue increasing it past this percentage, at no point does the CTOT take over and advance the throttles for me. For instance, even with CTOT set to 108%, I could slowly advance power levers up to 80, 90, 100 percent and they will remain there. Nothing "sticks" or takes over. Is there anything else that could be interfering with this? Could my joystick be overriding the throttles? I am just using a plain old Logitech extreme 3d pro.
  4. tryanc


    Thanks for an incredible plane. Having a blast learning to fly her. One issue I am having is with the CTOT. I've carefully followed the checklists and flight tutorial, but during the takeoff run I'm unable to get the CTOT to engage. Its armed and set to 108% as stated in the manual. I carefully advance the throttles past 64% (and don't touch them once they reach this torque setting) but the CTOT doesn't increase them any further. So I'm stuck having to manually set takeoff thrust. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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